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Flare Tip Replacement for On- and Offshore

Flare Tip Change-outs

Suprotech possesses unrivalled experience in flare tip change-outs both on- and offshore, from onshore demountable systems to offshore flare booms on fixed platforms and FPSO’s.

Our experts can access any location within any environmentel around the globe, and recommend the most effective flare tip replacement method from our extended portfolio, which includes: traditional cranes, Ultralight Single Pole (USPS) or Ultralight Double Pole System (UDPS), Flare Tip Handling System (FTHS), davit system, or de-mountable system with winches.

Suprotech Owns State-of-the-Art Flare Tip Handling Systems

Suprotech owns its own Flare Tip replacement equipment, and provides full scope Flare Tip replacements on- and offshore globally. Our Flare Tip Handling System (FTHS) is a modular construction, and can also be used on most flare structures offshore, even on flare booms and FPSO’s. There is no need for additional cranes or helicopters, all items will be lifted to the flare top platform manually by means of a hand carried single pole. Our FTHS can be used on existing assets, but is also a great alternative for a Retractable Davit.

Guy Wire Services

Guy Wire Inspections
& Maintenance

Suprotech has developed an efficient and safe way to professionally inspect, service, and evaluate all guy wires.

Guy wires can be inspected online using MFL before a shutdown and, if necessary, can be supplied and replaced in the shutdown.

Existing guy wires can be cleaned and lubricated with our patented, remote-controlled Cable Crawler, while all personnel remain safely on the ground. Finally, the flare alignment can be surveyed and adjusted, keeping the guy wire tension values in account.

Remote-controlled bridge strand inspection

Typically, the bridge has to be (partially) closed while the bridge strands are inspected. However, with Suprotech’s remote-controlled Cable Crawler, this is no longer necessary. In addition, our inspection engineers no longer have to work at height, which improves safety. Our NDT machines and inspections are ISO 4309:2017 compliant.

Guy Wire Services

Cleaning and lubricating with our patented, remote-controlled Cable Crawler

E&I Installations, Upgrades and Replacements

Highly Skilled Electrical & Instrumentation Experts with State-of-the-art Equipment

We can install E&I equipment, such as High Energy Ignitors (HEI), Thermocouple Cable (TC), Aircraft Warning Light (AWL), Flame Front Generator (FFG), and UV cameras.

Hydro Shield

A Highly Effective Water-curtain Solution with Up to 55’ Diameter Single Nozzle

Suprotech offers custom-design, construction and installation of our proprietary Hydro Shield solution with standalone pumps.

This Hydro Shield is suitable for all types of flare and provides sufficient radiation protection to personnel working on the flare(s) whilst online, to avoid costly shutdown time.

Only Lloyds certified high volume, heat suppressing nozzles will be utilized, which can absorb and attenuate radiated heat flux from up to 40 Kw/m2 down to below 3 Kw/m2.


Personnel safety and compliance with HSE requirements and API 521.

Flare construction

Specialized in the Installation of all types of Flare Systems

Suprotech builds all types of flare installations, such as self-supported flares, guy wire flares, demountable flares, derrick structures, and ground flares.

We provide a complete installation service that includes the erection of the riser and derrick structures, service line pipework, platforms & ladders, guy wire system, thermocouple cabling, ignition system, Aircraft Warning Light system (AWL), flare tip, and commissioning services as required.

We can also install flare risers and derrick structures, service pipes, platforms and ladders, guy wire systems, thermocouple cabling, ignition systems, Aircraft Warning Light (AWL) systems, flare tips and commissioning services as required.

Flare construction

Complete installation service

Rope access services

For Onshore and Offshore Projects

Suprotech’s rope access technicians are certified according to IRATA standards. To ensure our clients have the most cost efficient access techniques, we also provide portable movable platforms.

Our supervisors and technicians are highly skilled. Suprotech’s rope access technicians can be deployed at any project location, both onshore as well as offshore projects.

Cleaning & Coating

Proud to be the First Online Pilot Line Cleaning Company

We can execute internal riser and header line cleaning without confined space entry. If your pilot lines are blocked, we have the technology to clean them both on- and offline.

We also offer blasting and coating of derrick structures and flare stacks without the use of expensive cranes. Our experienced and IRATA-certified technicians will be able to reach areas which are difficult to access.

Aerial inspection

Flare Drone inspection: No Loss of Production, No Compromises on Safety

Suprotech can provide drone inspections on objects that are difficult to reach due to their height or unsafe access.

We provide both visual and thermal inspections. Our pilots are fully qualified to work on- and offshore.