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Oil and gas industry

Suprotech delivers supreme global service engineers for the Oil & Gas industries

Petroleum is vital to many industries, and is necessary for the maintenance of industrial civilization in its current configuration.

The industry is usually divided into three major categories: upstream, midstream, and downstream. Upstream mainly deals with Drilling and Production.


On- and offshore Oil and Gas companies are challenged to effectively maximize performance, reduce downtime, and control costs.

Petrochemical industry

Suprotech's innovative flare and special lift services minimize
down time

The petrochemical industry is concerned with the production and trade of petrochemicals. It directly interfaces with the petroleum industry, especially the downstream sector. A major part is constituted by the plastics industry.

When a major piece of equipment breaks in a chemical plant, it slows production at the very least, and can cause a partial or even a complete production shutdown. Depending on the type of process, a shutdown may be restricted to a particular unit or product line.

The battle to reduce unplanned downtime is one which chemical companies cannot afford to lose.

Measuring and reporting maintenance performance creates awareness and is a critical first step. Strong maintenance programs are another key strategy that leading chemical companies use to decrease equipment downtime.


Suprotech is providing innovative flare and special lift services to on- and offshore petroleum facilities around the globe, thereby maximising safety and production, and minimising downtime.